Shuyan Wu

State Employee Benefits Guide

Print design · magazine design · art direction

The first-ever employee benefits guide for the State of Rhode Island.

SoRI Employee Benefits Guide


Prior to late 2018, employees at the State of Rhode Island never had a printed benefits guide that presented a complete picture of their benefits. The redesigned OEB website partially solved this problem by providing comprehensive benefits information online, but not everyone prefers online communication – some employees don't have the need, desire, or means to access a computer, and to many it is still easier to study their benefits by marking up physical copies.

SoRI Employee Benefits Guide

Design considerations

Format & material

An 8.5 x 11" magazine was chosen for the Guide. The stardard format makes it easy for employees to browse and store the Guide, and it avoids additional costs associated with a custom format.

80lb matte stock was chosen to ensure durability during mailing and browsing, as well as to give the Guide a professional and polished finish.

SoRI Employee Benefits Guide

Less is more

The Guide was written in plain English for the employees – no insurance jargon or dense legal disclaimers!

Concise phrasing, generous white space and leading made the content more inviting to the eyes.

Callout boxes were sprinkled throughout the Guide to highlight helpful benefit tips.

SoRI Employee Benefits Guide

Visual sparks

Images used in the Guide were all taken across Rhode Island to showcase local sceneries and make the Guide more relatable to local residents. Color-coding distinugishes different benefit topics and leads the eyes throughout the Guide.

SoRI Employee Benefits Guide


A full-colored Benefits Guide that provides a comprehensive overview of all State employee benefits. The Guide was printed and distributed in time to help employees make their benefits election during Open Enrollment 2019 (held in fall 2018). A digital version of the guide is also posted online for quick access.

SoRI Employee Benefits Guide in use

Benefits Guide in action

A frequent sight during Open Enrollment 2019: employees referencing their marked-up copy of the Benefits Guide as they get ready to enroll in 2019 State benefits.

SoRI Employee Benefits Guide in use
SoRI Employee Benefits Guide in use