Shuyan Wu


Packaging design

The pasta that flies.

Farfalle packaging

A packaging solution involving three unified pieces for farfalle.

Farfalle packaging

The distinctive form of farfalle stood out during the exploration phase – look at their butterfly shapes, scalloped ridges, and pinched ridges that look like squinty faces! Photographs like these were then taken to extract both the contours and cast shadows in preparation for the packaging imagery.

Farfalle packaging

Farfalle contours were hand-drawn on the outer wrap to allude to the subtle individualities of each pasta piece. Cast shadows were printed on the inner matchboxes.

When the matchboxes are pulled out or placed back into the outer wrap, the printed and hand-drawn shapes separate or merge back together in a playful nod to farfalle’s positive and negative forms.

Farfalle packaging dieline Farfalle packaging dieline

Packaging dieline for the three matchboxes.

Farfalle packaging Farfalle packaging

Cut-out sides facilitate pulling while emphasizing the pinch, the key step in forming definitive shape of farfalle.

Vellum was chosen to allude to the pasta’s tactile quality as well as the delicate nature of farfalle’s literal translation, “butterflies”.

Farfalle packaging Farfalle packaging

A nested farfalle imagery – created during an earlier formal exercise – was printed on the bottom of each pullout drawer to sneak in a visual surprise when someone pours out the farfalle.