Shuyan Wu

Office of Employee Benefits Website

Web design

A complete redesign of the Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) website for the State of Rhode Island.

New OEB website


The old OEB website needed a fresh look and more in-depth content to keep 14,000+ Rhode Island State employees up-to-date about their benefits.

OEB website OEB website

Design process

Initial preparation

A design brief was written to establish the overall goal and timeline for this redesign project.

Examples of other State benefit websites were compiled to identify design elements that would suit the purpose of the State of Rhode Island and the OEB.

OEB website

OEB staff members and employees from other State agencies were interviewed to identify the most relevant content and the best way to organize them.

OEB website OEB website

Outline & construction

An outline was developed for the new OEB website to establish the page hierarchy and content.

OEB website OEB website

A modular State agency template was used to build the new OEB website. This template allows the OEB website to maintain a consistent look as other State agencies' websites. Suitable modular elements – e.g., side menus, tabbed menus, accordion dropdowns – are chosen to satisfy the particular needs of each page, while the same page layout is used for similar benefits topics to maintain consistency in navigation.

Old OEB website New OEB website


After four months of content organization, copywriting, mockups, testing and fine-tuning, the new OEB website was launched in time for the 2018 Open Enrollment period.

The new OEB website is now the one-stop digital platform, featuring resources ranging from benefit videos to step-by-step instructions to help State employees learn about and sign up for their benefits.

OEB website OEB website

Example: Benefit Forms page

Before: All benefit forms were listed alphabetically, with no indication of their exact purpose.

After: All benefit forms are grouped by types of employees. Within each group, each form is clearly labeled with its purpose and submission instructions.

OEB website

Example: Decision Support page

In addition to expanding upon the benefits sections, the new OEB website also features a new Decision Support page. Whether it's talking to an interactive online benefits conselor, reading the State Employee Benefits Guide, or watching white-board benefit videos, employees can choose the communication medium that best suits their needs.